Blackfoot Online Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear 2017

Summer is coming! Every year another riding season emerges bringing dazzling new gear with the latest protection from top brands. Blackfoot Online carries these brands such as Dainese, Schuberth, AGV, Klim, REV’IT, Helstons, Icon, Bell and more!

There are more than 5 essential protective gear categories when it comes to Motorcycle Gear.

  1. Motorcycle Helmets
  2. Motorcycle Jackets
  3. Motorcycle Pants
  4. Motorcycle Gloves
  5. Motorcycle Boots

The choice is yours to make, but when you do decide on what gear to get.. check out the selection at Blackfoot Online, free shipping in Canada.

Calgary Smoking Accessories


Green Thumbs Calgary Smoking Accessories Shop  carries a massive selection of bongs, pipes, vaporizers and tons of smoking accessories, we have everything you need. With three locations to serve you better, Green Thumbs is your destination for quality novelty items and smoking accessories.

Center St. | McLeod | Ogeden


Our store  locations carry variety of top vaporizer brands: calgary head shops
PAX | Volcano | ASCENT by Da Vinci | G Pens | CloudV

Vist our stores  for more of our large vape collection.


Green Thumbs has always been known for its large selection of glass featuring desired bong and pipe brands like the infamous Cheech & Chong, Red Eye Tek and GEAR.

Glass comes and goes, view entire inventory in-store calgary bong shop.


Our head shop stocks all kinds of awesome smoking accessories. We carry debowlers, detox products, bong cleaner, grinders, rolling papers, seeds, pipe cases, ashtrays, scales and so much more!

Vist our stores to view all Calgary Smoking Accessories

We carry Pipes, Water Pipes, Rigs, Scales, Grinders, Bowls, Vape Pens, Vaporizers, eJuice, Papers, Storage and Stash Containers, Quartz Nails, Titanium Nails, Detox Products, Local Glass, Torches, Butane and Much Much More!

Calgary Head Shop – Green Thumbs

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